Big changes!

So, the next few weeks here at the house are going to be pretty crazy.  If you don’t hear from me or Matt, it’s because we’ve a) killed each other, b) killed ourselves, c) got trapped under debris,  or d) are too exhausted to move.  Here’s what’s going on:

1. Everyone’s getting married or having kids

So, apparently everyone in Matt’s extended families have decided that they want to get married or have babies.  That’s great, but that means that I have to go to a buttload of baby/wedding showers, not to mention the actual weddings.  That means a LOT of driving to the Jeff City area.  I love Matt’s families, but it’s just coming at a bad time.

2. Wedding season is kicking back up.

For some reason, Lisa never really books weddings in the summer.  And that’s fine with me, because it sucks trying to look all professional-like when your makeup has sweated off and your hair is plastered to your face.  We do, however, have several weddings coming up, starting in August.  I have recovered from the wedding burn out, and am actually ready to start back up again.

3. I’m getting more serious about my own photography.

I’ve been slacking WAY too long due to laziness and lack of confidence.  I can’t do that anymore.  I’m being proactive, and am taking steps to get more business.  I’m currently working on a professional blog, I’ve started an Etsy store to sell fine art photography (no items for sale yet, but I’ll post when there is), I created a professional Twitter account, and I’m working on a paper portfolio as well.  I’ve got a few paid gigs coming up soon, and a few collaborations that are REALLY exciting. 

4. I’m going to try to sell my soap at the Rock n Roll craft show in November.

I found out more info about the event, and Jessi and I decided to give selling our soap a try.  This is still in the very early stages of discussion, so this may not pan out, but I am really excited at the prospect.  The only problem is that if we’re going to sell our soap in November, we need to start making it, like, now.  It takes time to cure, but making over 100 lbs. of soap is going to be a problem seeing as we will be kitchenless for about 6 weeks.

And finally,

5. The kitchen project is officially starting.

We’ve talked about this damn project for just about forever, and you all must be sick of hearing about it, but it’s really exciting for us (at least me).  I was supposed to do a house-wide purge this weekend, but that really didn’t work out.  And that’s ok, because it can be done during the week (without Matt, since most of the crap that’s going away is mine).  The cabinet maker is taking final measurements on Tuesday, and while we don’t have a definite install date yet (it could be as early as August 6), we have a LOT to do in the meantime.

So, I’ll see everyone in September, unless you want to come help us paint! 😉