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I will be shooting my first wedding in October as the main photog. I am so excited about it. Tara and Robert (Tara and I are old friends) are so cool. No traditional stuff for them! Tara’s wedding dress is fucshia, and they’re renting a pink cadillac! This will be so much fun!
I will be shooting a wedding on Friday with my friend Lisa. We’ll be at the Jewel Box, which I LOVE shooting at (I’ve done another wedding there). So, I’ll be doing that all day, then Saturday I have to be in Jeff City for a baby shower, then back to Jeff on Sunday for a wedding shower! Matt has a LOT of cousins, and someone is always pregnant or engaged. So, tomorrow I have to go out and find presents for them, and something to wear as well. So the next few days I’ll be a little busy.
I am still off the caffeine wagon. I am desperately craving some Dr. Pepper, but Matt keeps telling me that I can’t have any. I’ve been really good, and I’d like to keep it that way. I will admit to having some Mug rootbeer at my parents, but that’s caffeine free. I bought some Mt. Dew lip gloss to make me feel better. It smells like MD that’s gone flat. And the container is shaped like a can. I’ll have to take a pic to show everyone.
So, the people who are selling their house across the street are finally having an open house this weekend. I think Matt should go and check it out. I am hoping someone will buy the house at their asking price, because that will make things easier for us when we put ours on the market. And our neighbors to our left have been tearing down their deck and patio. Until today, it was all done by the owner. Well, apparently they had hired some people, and they brought in a Bobcat. They tried to stay on their side of the house, but they tore up some of our yard. We haven’t checked out the damage yet, but you better be damn sure that they are going to fix it before our house goes on the market! Although who knows when that will be. Maybe I can get Matt to help me paint the bathroom tonight…..
Enough rambling on my part….off to find a new RSS reader for my PC. Any suggestions?