My first (cooking) experience with tofu

So, I finally took the plunge and cooked up some tofu that had I had cooked in vegetarian chicken broth a few days ago.  Got out excess moisture, breaded, and pan-fried it.  It looked kinda good as I was cooking, so the fear wasn’t as bad.

Opinion:  It didn’t suck.  Although the tofu had been marinading for a while, it was still rather bland.  There was a slight chicken flavor to it, and although the texture was off, I didn’t mind. The breading was it’s saving grace.  I think I am going to try this again, but try the “chicken” bouillon instead of the broth- that way I can make the chicken flavor more intense. 

The best part- I even got Matt to try it!  I don’t think he’ll be wanting to put it on our weekly dinner menu in the future, but it was nice to see him be supportive and try new things.  At least he didn’t give me the “I’m going to act like a 5 year old and spit it out” look. 

Update on the no-meat month

So, I’ve stopped eating meat, and to be perfectly honest, I’m not missing it yet.  The first day was kinda hard- we made pizzas, and Matt had his usual (sausage and bacon).  We all know my love for bacon knows no bounds, so I was kinda hurting.  Besides that, I haven’t been dying for a steak or anything.  The difficulty lies in creating a meal that is actually filling, good, and healthy.  Coming up with dinner ideas is hard….I’m finding myself wanting to eat the same things over and over (pizza and burritos).  I’ve also been taking my vitamins daily and cutting down on the caffeine.  I’m still drinking soda (caffeine free root beer), but one thing at a time people. 

So, tonight my dad wants to take the family out to dinner at Red Lobster.  Crap.  I LOVE seafood, and I don’t get to eat it as often as I’d like, and I get to go and eat salad.  Super.  Matt was sweet and offered to take me to get seafood after this month.  🙂  What a nice husband. 

In other news- I’m finally getting my car back!  Matt was rear ended last week, and it’s taken freaking forever to fix it (they had to replace the bumper).  It’s not that I have a million places to go, but if you’re forced to be at home, then that’s when you desperately want to get outside.  Also, some higher power is telling me to stop doing a bunch of useless junk and get to cleaning.  Seriously- I tried talking to my mom on the house phone, and it kept randomly turning off.  Then my PC started acting up, and THEN AT&T sends me a message saying that my data plan isn’t compatible with the iPhone 3G, which is really weird considering Matt didn’t receive the same message. 

So- God, Allah, or whatever’s up there- message received.     

Going to be known as the girl who makes weird soaps

So, the Clone mentioned caffeinated soap a while back, and I thought it would be an ok idea, until yesterday.  I found Mountain Dew fragrance oil, so now caffeinated soap is an AWESOME idea.  I am about to purchase it online, as well as the hickory white peppersmoke for the bacon, and the “special brownie” scents.  I think it’s easy to say that I am turning in the the girl who makes the weird soaps, but I think there’s a market for them.  😀

In other news, my month of being meat free starts next Monday.  I went to Whole Paycheck Foods today, and picked a few things up that I can’t get at my local store, like tahini (to make hummus).  Also picked up some tofu.  I’ve never really been a big fan of tofu, but I’ve only ever really had it in miso soup, which I hate.  I’ve never had a tofu steak, but I’ve done my research, and have learned how to properly prepare it, so we’ll see. 

Regardless of how this next month goes, I definitely am going to have to cut back on the amount of meat that I eat.  I don’t need to have meat  Matt doesn’t either, but I know I won’t be able to convince him of that.  If I could just get him to branch out and try new things, I might want to cook more often.  I guess it’s just that I get so bored cooking the same things every week.  I see what my mom is going through with my dad (who is honestly a lost cause), and I don’t want to end up like that.  I don’t want to nag him constantly about it, which is what I feel I am doing.  Maybe I can get him to try some of the vegetarian meals I’ll be making for myself (that aren’t pasta)….yeah right!   

Tis the season!

Halloween is just around the corner, and this year, I’m turning the party up to 11.  We are doing costumes, and the party will be themed.  I’m thinking of a morgue/mad scientist lab kinda theme, but I have a running list, complete with costume ideas for both Matt and myself.  Poor Matt- he’s going to hate this.  😀

Sweeney Todd theme- Matt as Sweeney Todd, me as Mrs. Lovett
Witches Den- Matt as warlock, me as witch
Zombie quarantine- Matt as Shaun, me as either Liz or zombie
Morgue/lab- Matt as crazy doctor, me as nurse

This year the party will actually be on Halloween, which is a Friday.  I think it’ll be a lot of fun, even if parking will suck.  Details will be announced later.  😀