Adventures in babysitting

I adore my nephew- this is nothing new.  I babysat him for a few hours Friday night so Rodney and Christine could go to a work function.  Matt was playing poker, so it was just the two of us.  He was well behaved, as usual, but I was sweating bullets because he’s allergic to cats. 


Molly was locked in her room the whole time, but I was still paranoid about the dander around the house.  I didn’t get the chance to coat the downstairs in Febreeze Allergen Reducer before he came over, but thankfully he didn’t have a reaction.  So, what does Aunt Beth do when she gets to babysit her favorite toddler?  Take pictures, of course!

This one’s for Mom:
I have never gotten my picture taken, and I have NO idea how to pose:
web-add-0957.jpgIt’s seafood….get it?  See-food!
web-add-0962.jpgYeah, I know I’m cute.
web-add-0967.jpgHow do you manage to find the ONE door that doesn’t shut properly?
web-add-0977.jpgWhat do you mean “no?!?”
Edited to add:  He can say my name now!  Well, it’s more like Bef, as opposed to Beth, but hey, I’ll take it.  Oh, and I also got an “I love you” Friday too.  So sweet.  😀