The madness has ended!

I have had to shoot a wedding every weekend this month! Ugh! I mean, it was fun, don’t get me wrong….but I am SO glad I don’t have one until next year. I do, however, have several projects in the line up, such as a couple of albums, more logo work, and some custom collages.
At the wedding yesterday, I managed to leave my GLASSES in the church. We turned around about a mile away and came back, but no one was there. I am going to call the church tomorrow and see if they will send them to me. Thank the lord that I am not blind like Matt and Eric (sorry guys; I lova ya, but it’s true!) and that I can make it without them for now. THEN one of the groomsmen wouldn’t stop hitting on me. Normally I would be a little flattered, but this guy was 47, black, a GRANDFATHER, older than my dad, NOT my husband, and his girlfriend was there giving ME the evil eye! He kept calling me Baby and said that when I was done taking pictures he was going to show me a good time on the dance floor. Creepy! I kept saying the phrase “I don’t think my husband would like that too much” to him, in which his reply was “see Baby, him and me just need to have a talk,” in which I replied, “I don’t think so.” Some people….sheesh!
Anyhoo….tomorrow will be house cleaning day, and then I need to get my act together!
Oh, and I should mention that Molly has a UTI, I think. Matt took her to the vet, and they never told him what was wrong, only that she needed meds. I’m pretty positive that it’s an UTI, seeing as her pee is so strong that it can literally make you pass out. The real problem is that she needs liquid meds, and I can’t seem to get her to take them. Matt can, bless his heart. I think I should go and get him a present for that. 😉