End of an era

Well, I’ve finally put in my two weeks at Costco. I had initially planned on staying there for another year or two while the business took off, but Kevin (the warehouse manager) won’t let me go part time! WTF?!?! I mean, I can kinda understand his reasons, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like it. Rachel tried to give me solutions, but none of them really worked. Besides, I’ve been really sucking at work. I’ve been lazy as all hell, and even if I don’t want to do a job, I should really try my best. So I figured I should quit now so they have time to train someone for Chistmas. I’ve toyed around with the idea of working during the holidays. Make some extra cash. It was a REALLY hard decision to come to because I LOVE the people I work with. I’m going to have to make trips up there at least once a week to see my peeps. I feel guilty leaving my friends (and I do honestly consider them my friends), but I know that if I want this business to succeed, I HAVE to put 100% into it. Balls to the wall, as I’d like to say. 😀
On a business note, things are going good. I work for STLDigital making sports posters and wedding albums, and I had a meeting tonight with another photographer to make wedding albums. This is all in addition to the website, which I have FINALLY started working on. I’m stressed and not sleeping much, but it’s nothing like the stress that I was feeling pre-lexapro. This is something that is normal and healthy. I’m not having the constant headaches and feeling like I’m about to explode, which is good, I guess. 🙂
Other updates:
-I fell off the wagon on the caffeine. Honestly though, it’s the only thing keeping me up in the morning. I said I was going to quit after Mother’s Day, but I think I will after my last day at work.
-Matt is almost finished with the half wall upstairs. He did the first coat of paint today. Now we need to get a board to put on top.
-Finally got an office area set up with my computers. Trying to work on my Powerbook is not such a good idea.
-Found out that I will be an aunt to a nephew! Rodney and Christine can have a boy; Matt better give me a little girl (when the time comes of course. No babies any time soon, thank you.).
-Still making creepy pictures. I really need to post them
-Saw Over the Hedge this weekend with Matt, Don, and Mallen. Took a ride in the Nissan Z (thank you Don) with the top down. Hit 115mph on Hwy 40. Good times. 😀
-Found out that I will be taken off Lexapro starting September: w00t!!!