Look Sally, I updated!

It’s been a LONG ass time since I’ve updated, so here’s the rundown on the past two months:
-Christmas. Ugh. Glad it’s over.
-New Years- had a great time. Still have a big bag of rice that I will NEVER get rid of, unless Jen teaches me how to make good sticky rice.
-My birthday. I turned 25 on January 24th. Now I am old enough to rent a car! Oh….boy. Matt and I went to dinner, which was absolutely HORRIBLE, but I picked where to eat (Fireside Grill in New Melle). Afterwards stopped by Matt’s parents, where Christine (Matt’s sister) and Addison (my nephew) were staying since Rodney (Christine’s husband) was out of town. Played with the baby for a few hours, which totally made me forget the shitty dinner. Got an awesome tea maker, shamrock teapot and saucer, Ireland sweatshirt, and something else I’m forgetting.
-Got a shit load of patterns from Kat, which actually make me want to learn to sew (something I’ve never had the desire to do before). First project- HUGE bean bag chairs for downstairs.
-Valentine’s day. Didn’t do anything. After working at Hallmark in Rolla during the V-Day season, I firmly believe the holiday was created just to boost greeting card sales. But it was nice to get chocolate covered strawberries. 🙂
-Oh, and I joined Urban Botanic. You boys aren’t going to be interested in it (and if you are, I do have some guys’ fragrances for you!), but you girls might. 🙂
That’s really it for right now. I’m working on getting the UB thing going, and so far so good. I’ve got two parties lined up, and possibly two consultants for me to train (I get a commission from their sales!). So that’s my life!