This could be dangerous

So, a few months ago, Mountain Dew had this thing where you could go onto their website and create a new flavor.  They’re selling the top 3 flavors, and then everyone gets to vote, and one becomes a permanent flavor.  I just tried the one called Supernova.  It’s Strawberry Melon with Ginseng….and it’s REALLY freaking good.  Matt didn’t like it too much though.  It’s rather sweet.  I could EASILY get addicted.  

Newest Scrapbook Pages

Here are my newest scrapbook pages. Addison and Tybee Island.  Everything’s from Miss Crow:


I need to upload the pics from the 5K, so I can start making scrapbook pages of those too.  Matt can protest all he wants, but I will make pages of him running.  I’m super proud of him, and of Jen and Mallen.  I sure as hell didn’t get off my ass and do it. 

Write this day down

I cleaned today.  Like, most of the day was spent cleaning.  AND I voluntarily cleaned the oven.  No, I’m not running a fever or back on Happy Pills; I’m sick and tired of our house looking like it does, and the only way for it to get better is for me to do something about it.

It also looks like we won’t be putting the house on the market any time soon.  With the current market, and with the things that need to be fixed on the house, we won’t get anything for it.  We wanted to wait until the douchebags across the street sell their house as well.  It’s been on the market for a YEAR.  I want them gone!

On the positive side, we’ll be able to take some of the money we’ve been saving and fix a few things, like the AC and possibly the sewer.  Again, everything is up in the air at the moment, so who knows?

In work news, I have finished the logo for MVP images.  Only a minor tweak or two was done in the end.  I’m really proud of it:


Goals for this week:

-Get the house CLEAN.  Not straightened up, but CLEAN.  I’m off to buy cheap toothbrushes, and I’m going to scrub this house up and down.  I already feel a million times better after today’s cleaning, so I can imagine how nice it’ll be when I’m done.

-Get the outside planting done.  This all depends on the weather.  I don’t really have much to do, just replace a few plants here and there.  I also want to find a nice little bench to go on the front porch, but that isn’t a high priority.

-Get my temporary website up.  I can’t decide on a final design yet, but I should have something up in the mean time

-Get outside and photograph something- anything!  It’s been too long since I’ve picked up my camera, and that doesn’t work if this is how I’m supposed to be making $$.

She’s alive!

After having a wonderful dinner with Sally and Lisa at Lewis and Clark’s, I headed home.  I assumed Matt would already be in bed, but I came home to him working on my PC.  That’s right, the beast is back.  I’ve missed her dearly.  My poor Powerbook just couldn’t handle everything plugged into her, AND try to run Photoshop at the same time. 

Now that I’ve got my PC working again (mostly), I can work on the photos I took at Rob (Matt’s cousin) and Lisa’s wedding, plus some lovely shots of my spouse.  I am in a really good place creatively, and I don’t want to stop now.  🙂

Plans for this weekend: Shopping with Jen and Laura (although I can’t buy anything…too poor), then grilling at the Thills (I assume that’s still happening).  I believe Sunday’s Mother’s day, so I guess I should probably see my mother at some point. 

Plans for this week:  Get my hair did, possibly hang out with Sally when she shoots a game, get logos ready for print, put up temporary website, design business cards, scrapbook, CLEAN, and some other stuff that I can’t think of at the moment.  Oh!  Go to the Captivated by the Light seminar on Wednesday.  That should be a lot of fun. 😀