No creepy pictures today, I promise! Haven’t had the time, to be quite honest. I’ve got some pretty messed up coworkers (like Travis Hauser), and I hear some pretty weird shit at work. So I’ve decided that I am going to start coming up with the “Costco Quote of the Week” or CQotW for short. This week is from Bob:
In response to the question “Do you know where your kids are?” he said:
“Yeah, they’re sitting next to Big Jim and the Twins.” (he has no kids)
Guess you had to be there.
So, I royally fucked up on a clients order. I told her that I could get her albums ready by Mothers Day, only to realize that my printer takes a month to get the albums back to me. Mother’s Day is May 14th; that’s 2 weeks away. Now, I found another printer that can get them to me in a week, but it literally costs $100 an album. That means I am making NO profit whatsoever. But you know something; that’s OK, as long as I don’t make a habit out of this. She will be getting a better product than she planned on, and she’ll be happy. She has about 25 of my business cards to hand out to coworkers, so if I make her happy, then she’ll bring more business my way. Also, she is having me make her wedding album, so that’s $800 right there. All is good, I hope.
Talked to Christine today (Matt’s sister). Her due date is August 18. I’m going to be an aunt! I know I already said that before, but I’m still excited. I won’t be having kids anytime soon, so I can spoil baby boy Mais! I’m going to buy him the Cardinals mobile to hang over his crib.
I REALLY need to finish my website. If I want this business to take off, then I need to get into high gear. The only problem is that I spend all of my time working on stuff for clients. I put my stuff last. Ugh. Maybe one day I’ll get it online. 🙂

Going part time

So, I’ve decided to go back down to part-time at Costco. I’m getting enough freelance work on the side to more than cover the difference. Besides, it’s difficult to work 40 hours a week at Costco, then work every other free minute on the computer. I would like to spend a little free time with Matt, although he doesn’t have much time either. I’m not reallly complaining though, because life is pretty good right now. 🙂
Today I had a day off, and I was goofing off in photoshop as opposed to working on the stuff that I actually get paid for.
What I made when I should have been working on other stuff