SO dang cute

So, I went to babysit my nephew Addison for just a couple of hours while Matt’s mom went to the dentist (she watches him every day while Christine is at work), and he was adorable. When Aggie (Matt’s mom) got home, we went outside played in the sandbox, and blew bubbles. I’m surprised actually remembered to grab my camera bag, but I’m glad I did, because I took my new favorite picture today:
He has the most gorgeous eyes. And such a ham for the camera.

New biz name

So, I think I’m going to switch my business name. I’ve had to spell Bridestream too many times, and everyone still thinks it’s Brides Dream. It’s not.
I was thinking of just using my name, especially since I am branching out to wedding photography. Unfortunately, Brenneke isn’t the easiest last name to spell, and Beth Brenneke doesn’t really flow. Elizabeth Brenneke flows, but it’s awfully long. I thought about Elizabeth Ann, but I know a person in St. Peters whose studio is Elizabeth Ann Photography (and her name is Julie- wtf?). So, I decided to go with my old nickname…..
Annie B. Studios
Most of my family calls me Elizabeth, my friends call me Beth, but I was always Annie to my Grandpa. We had a special connection, and I miss him terribly (he passed away last November). I thought this would be a nice way to pay tribute. 🙂
So, what do you all think?