I am going to stay SO fat….

…because there is officially a CHIPOTLE in the St. Louis area, and it is about a mile or two away from where the Thills are having their home built. It’s still under construction, but I saw it when I was driving home from Michael’s. I about shit my pants and freaked my mom out. It was funny. 🙂

I know Matt already posted this, but….

How FREAKING adorable is Addison? I got to see him this weekend, and he managed to cop a feel in the middle of the food court at the Mills. He couldn’t get his right arm comfy, then decided that putting his hand down my shirt would be a good idea.
I just love him to pieces. It makes me want one. Yes, I know what I just wrote. I’ll say it again; I would like to have a baby soon. Ain’t happening, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wish. No, I am not on anything but my happy pills.

Goodbye Grandpa and New Artwork

As some of you may know, my Grandpa passed away this weekend. They were going to take his feeding tube out and move him back to the nursing home that Saturday, but when they checked up on him at midnight, they had found him dead.
Ever since he had this last stroke, we all knew that he wasn’t going to make it. I had to sit in a room and listen to my dad and his siblings decide wether or not to let him live or die. He was in constant pain, and could no longer swallow. My entire family has had a rough time with it-we all have a lot of guilt for not visiting him the past few years. I won’t write a novel about it, but the jist of it is that he was an alcoholic for over 50 years. I didn’t visit him because I didn’t want to see him in the condition he was in. We were very close when I was young, and I wanted to remember him in that way.
The funeral was especially hard. I usually can make it through a funeral without crying, but this was one of the worst things I’ve ever had to sit through. Watching my parents crying in the row in front of me, my brothers crying next to me. Matt never met him, so he sat there holding my hand. But there was nothing he could do for me when the military honors started. I didn’t know they were going to have a gun salute, or I would have prepared for it. Ugh. Good thing I look better crying than my mom….poor woman’s nose was neon red.
Sorry for the sad post; just needed to get that out. I will miss Grandpa dearly.
Since grandpa has been sick, I haven’t done much creative work. I’ve gotten stuff done for the company I am doing business with, but no art of any sort…until tonight. I have been promising my friend Sara that I would do a series of 3 art pieces for her, yet I couldn’t come up with anything. I just started playing around in Photoshop tonight and came up with something that I really like. Hopefully she does too:
The first of the Sara Series
Oh, and I scanned my signature so I can digitally sign my art pieces! I’m so excited! 😀