I LOVE this shot! I really should have dusted our old cake topper, but I like the results I got while playing around in Lightroom. I think I am going to invest in a macro lens before a mega-zoom. I like details!


So, today kicked off The Festival of the Little Hills, in historic St. Charles. Always a favorite of mine. This year I got to introduce the craziness to Laura. My mom accompanied us because we all had husbands that would rather not go. That was fine by me. We went at our pace, and if we wanted to look at something, we could take our time without our guys complaining. I picked up some candy from the UK, soap from my favorite local company, and some really cool Dr. Pepper marinade from Main Street Marketplace (I’m making a roast tomorrow!). There was quite a few people, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it will be tomorrow or Sunday, and once the sun set, it was actually quite pleasant outside.
All in all a good time. 🙂


They will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine. They’re kinda tacky, but that’s why I love them!
Seriously, I went to the Dr. Marten’s website, and there’s AT LEAST 10 pairs that I want. There is a really nice pair of black flats that I want to buy to wear when I’m shooting weddings. They look really nice and comfy. I’m getting really sick of the shoes I normally wear. By the time the reception rolls around, the dogs are barking! Unfortunately, all of the really good, comfy shoes are going to cost me at least $75. And I really need more clothes to wear to shoot weddings. I wear all black (or black and white), and I’m tired of wearing the SAME outfit over and over! Again, stupid clothing industry can charge too much because they know women will buy it, and if you’re chunky (like me), then they charge even more. I know that you need more material, but an extra $20 for a top? Get real.
OK, rant over.
PS: Thanks guys for all of the book ideas. I think I’m going to head over to my parent’s house and raid my dad’s book shelf. I’ll see if he has anything from the list. 🙂


So, I read Deathly Hallows in about 7 hours, and that was great. I also bought a couple of Photoshop/Photography books, which I devoured quickly as well. I am in DESPERATE need of some new reading material. I’m working on re-reading the Pern series, but I’ve read it way too many times, and would really prefer something new. I really prefer sci-fi and fantasy, so please suggest something!
Oh, and a random comment….I am going to MURDER my cat. No real reason why except she’s frickin annoying. Ugh.