Going part time

So, I’ve decided to go back down to part-time at Costco. I’m getting enough freelance work on the side to more than cover the difference. Besides, it’s difficult to work 40 hours a week at Costco, then work every other free minute on the computer. I would like to spend a little free time with Matt, although he doesn’t have much time either. I’m not reallly complaining though, because life is pretty good right now. 🙂
Today I had a day off, and I was goofing off in photoshop as opposed to working on the stuff that I actually get paid for.
What I made when I should have been working on other stuff

1 thought on “Going part time

  1. Whoa!!! That’s a crazy picture…..
    So I feel real bad cuz some reason I missed a message that you sent me awhile back that had the address to your blog. So I’m just now getting to check it out. I’ll tell you what. Seeing “Beth Brenneke” threw me off at first but IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!! It’s fun to think of you guys as married!

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