To do list

Here is my extremely long to-do list (for both work and personal life):

Work (Costco):
-Get CPC and SPFE certifications
-Ask off for family reunions and housewarming party
-Bring in stuff to be printed (for Paul)
Work (Freelancing):
-Get Pat and Lisa’s webside made
-Get Photoshop installed on new PC
-Make MY website
-Finish example album and get printed
-Make more abstract backgrounds
-Get together with Paul to come up with more poster designs
-Make baby albums for Melissa R.
-create new business cards (and have printed)
-get business account at BOA
-send in cash bond to Missouri DOR
-Stop slacking
Home life:
-Clean the freaking house
-Finish renovations
-Sell house
-Start building new house
-Become JHort’s temporary neighbor
-See Matt more than an hour a night (not including sleep)
-Do laundry
-Help Sally and her friend with wedding
-Return Deb’s camera
-Close out old personal checking account at BOA
There’s probably a whole lot more that I am not thinking of at the moment…..