The taste of ass

Yeah, so everyone is entitled to have an idiotic moment here and there, and yesterday was my turn apparently.

Backstory: Two days ago I was performing random maintenance on the film processor at work, and there was some dried up chemical residue building up on it. I decided that the easiest way to get rid of it was to vacuum it up. I only used the vacuum for a few seconds, not thinking it was going to suck up anything besides the dried material. Boy I was an idiot.
So, yesterday I was blowing all of the dust out of the computers, and using the vacuum, when all of a sudden the vacuum stopped. Not only did it stop, but it made the most god-awful stench possible. It smelled like ass. Needless to say, I think I was the one who broke it. It ended up having liquid in it from when I used it the day before. So, I have a broken vacuum and the area smells like hot garbage. Joe from the Optical department pulls out the Lysol and starts spraying the area down. The stench was so bad that I could taste it. So for the rest of the night I had the taste of dust, lysol, and ass in my mouth. Yummy.