Yup, still pregnant…

…but not for much longer.  I’m just shy of 38 weeks, which means I am technically full term, and could go into labor at any time.  Not that I see that happening; Coco and I have had several late night chats about him staying in until the full 40 weeks (or longer, if he prefers).  While I am getting increasingly uncomfortable (I started freaking WADDLING this week) and would like to be able to tie my own shoes, to be honest, I’m not ready for him to make his grand entrance.

To put it bluntly, I am freaking the fuck out about being a mother.

I have wonderful, supportive friends who tell me that I will be a good mother, and I almost believe them, but then I realize that I still don’t really like kids.  At all.  They get on my nerves like you wouldn’t believe.  I know that I will love Coco to pieces, but I want to be able to like him as well.  I want to be the awesome, laid back, caring, and supportive mom that he deserves.  Like any parent, I want to do right by him.

So, besides the freakout, how have I been doing?  Physically, pretty damn good.  For the most part, my pregnancy has been going so well that I feel like I’m bragging just describing it.  I’ve only gained 10 pounds, I’ve been taking better care of myself, and there have been absolutely no complications whatsoever.  Coco is growing nice and big, and is a VERY active little boy.  In fact, most babies as they reach full term tend to slow down in their movements, but not Coco- he is constantly moving and kicking, which scares the crap out of me because he’ll probably start walking at 6 months! O_O

Thankfully, throughout this process, I’ve had Matt.  He is, and has always been, my rock.  He puts up with my crazy hormones and silly demands, and does it all with a smile on his face.  I know in my last post I talked about how awesome he is- frankly, I don’t care if I sound like a broken record.  He has sacrificed so much for our growing family, and I’m thrilled that he will be staying home with me and Coco from November 9th to the beginning of the new year.  He needs a break (even if it is dealing with a newborn).  He’s worked SO hard for so long, and I’m glad he’s able to do this for his sake.

So, in the next few weeks before Coco’s arrival, I am going into full-blown nesting mode: his nursery needs to be finished, and the house in a general state of homeyness so we can relax and enjoy this time as a family.

Wow- Matt and I will have a family.  What a trip.