Life is insane

I can’t believe this past month has been so crazy! Let’s see what I’ve been doing:

-September 22 I had a wedding with Lisa. It could have been a lot worse, but it wasn’t great. It was Lisa’s brother-in-law that was getting married, and everyone in the wedding knew Lisa. They thought that meant they didn’t have to listen to her. Needless to say, she was pretty upset by the end of the wedding, and with good reason. We got some great pictures, which I’ll post later, but I was so happy to go home.
-The next day, I headed to the Irish Heritage Festival at Frontier Park in St. Charles. My mom went with me, and we had fun. Not really a whole lot there, but the entertainment was good (we saw dancers), Guinness flowed like water (yum!), and the fish and chips were excellent. My mom got me a bracelet to put back for Christmas, and I bought a St. Brigid’s cross (meant to ward off evil) and a GORGEOUS necklace. I will definitely go back next year. 🙂
-The next weekend I went to the Pirate Festival with Laura, and we had a great time. We went on the last day, so a lot of vendors were gone, but I can definitely see the potential for it to be great. I think I’ll go in garb next year, and see if I can get some pirate friends of mine to come visit (that means you Marlies!). Saw some sword swallowers, Laura bought a cool flag, I got a small knife. It was all good. 😀
-This Saturday I had a bbq at the parents (they bought a grill on clearance and wanted to try it out before it got too cold….like it’s ever going to get cold!), and had a mini photo shoot with my brother Zack (again, I’ll post those later). It’s really freaky how much we look alike.
-Sunday I had a small wedding at The Conservatory in Old Town St. Charles. Gorgeous location, but the mosquitoes SUCK…I have a bite on my head! Ugh. Once that was over (we didn’t do the reception), Lisa and I went to Louis and Clark’s for lunch (the club salad is GINORMOUS). Then, I headed over to the Grappa Grill for Tara’s shower, which I was late for. I talked to Aimee and Abby, two friends from high school. We planned Tara’s bachelorette party, then went to the mall for some shopping. Ended up buying Jane Austen’s complete works in hardbound leather for only $20! After that, hung out at Tara and Robert’s to sit in at their meeting with the DJ. Busy day, but lots of fun.
This week is crazy as well. Tomorrow alone, I have 6 phone calls to make, 2 meetings to set up, about 750 pictures to edit, and somewhere in there try to get some shopping done for the Halloween party. And I have some secret plans for Tara’s bachelorette party that I can’t reveal because Tara is probably reading this. 😉 And I really need to clean too.
Sleep, I don’t need no stinking sleep!

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