Early Christmas present

So, after a really shitty night (physically and emotionally), Matt decided to give me an early Christmas present. It wasn’t even on my wish list, but I’ve been wanting one for a while. He got me…..

MY STAND MIXER! He got me a red one, and I LOVE it!!!1!1!! I still have sugar cookies to make, so I am going to bust this bad boy out tomorrow! You thought I cooked too much before- JUST YOU WAIT!
I wonder if I can get flames painted on it? That would kick so much ass. 🙂
PS: I’m starting to get really sick. This sucks. I think I got it from my parents’ house. Nick (my older brother) is sick, and my little brother Zack is 10, so who knows what germs he brings home. I think I am going to run to Walgreens tomorrow and get some of the Zicam stuff. Hopefully it’ll work. **crosses fingers**

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