House work est tres bon!

First, let me start off with a random thought: Damn, I LOVE Penny Arcade. 😀

Anyhoo….it took most of this week off to recover from my almost nervous breakdown. I haven’t called the shrink yet. I know, that’s bad, but I’ve been in such a good mood and I’ve been pretty relaxed that I’m once again putting of getting the meds that I should probably take. I am really dreading going back to work. I’m being fairly optimistic about it though.
So, now that I’m relaxed, I want to get the fuck out of this house! Yesterday Matt and I started painting the downstairs bathroom. Trying to get that man to work on this house is like pulling teeth, I swear to God. Matt, I love you dearly, but you know it’s true. Today, my mom came over, we finished the second coat, and then went to Lowe’s, where I proceeded to buy Buy BUY! Not really, just some stuff we need to get stuff done (like how I’m SO specific). Mom and I then started pulling up what we could of the old floor. Yeah, the previous water damage caused some of the tiles to have mold under them….not good. We probably should have been wearing masks (which we have in the house), but then again, that would have made sense. So, once we get all of teh tiles up, I will have to get down on the floor and scrub the fuck out of it with bleach and then make sure the rest of the adhesive is up. Not my fav thing to do, but not so bad. I think I’ll leave installing the new flooring until tomorrow. Tonight is all about watching V for Vendetta with Teh Boys. 😀
Plans for this weekend:
-Finish bathroom COMPLETELY
-Start stripping the paint off of the beam downstairs
-Remove banister
-Knock out and replace half wall upstairs
Wow….I am EXTREMELY long winded sometimes.