Health update

Ugh….I feel like crap. When it’s not the headaches, it’s dizziness. Well, that’s not completely accurate. Basically, I feel “out of it.” It’s slightly difficult to concentrate, but it is possible. Matt and I had an early dinner today at Qdoba, and when I got home, I felt awful. It wasn’t nausea though. I am thinking it might have to do with the caffeine I’ve been drinking. It seems like every time I drink a Dr. Pepper, I feel like crap afterwards. Looks like it’s time to give it up…. 🙁
I *really* need to get this house ready to sell. The first thing I need to do is to get a storage locker. That way I can put all of the stuff I don’t need at the moment in there, and get it out of the way. For example: I don’t need tubs with my Christmas decorations in my office closet. It’s just taking up space right now. And, my parents convinced me to have a garage sale, so I am going to start boxing up things I want to sell and put that in storage as well. We need to get all of the crap out of this house.
Well, brand new Reno 911 is on in a few, so I’m off to watch some tv..

3 thoughts on “Health update

  1. I’m finding that I’m the same way with the caffeine these days. I drink a soda, and afterwards I feel really crappy…

  2. I’ve been really good in the past few days about not drinking caffeinated drinks, and I am slowly weaning off soda altogether. The headaches are going away, finally!

  3. If you would like a hand, give me a call. We’ll find a way to plan around my work schedule.

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