A house is not necessarily a home

Yes, the blog is still somewhat broken.  I haven’t put much thought into how to make it pretty.  I’ve been too busy playing Super Mario Brothers Wii with Matt to even think about it. 

A discussion with Danielle on the way to our knitting group brought up some interesting thoughts about my house.  While Matt and I have lived here for 5 and a half years, it’s really hard for me to think of it as a home.  The recent work to the kitchen and living room has helped tremendously, yet it still feels cold and boring.  Sure, I refer to the house as Grand Central Station, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be a warm and inviting place.

I’m slowly coming up with ideas and projects to add character and warmth (expect to see that word a lot) to the house.  Something I find to be sorely lacking is texture.  Things like shaggy carpets, linen curtains, and glass vases.  Variety and character.  Handmade things that may not be perfect, but they’re mine and I love them. 

So, the first step for all of this is to start crafting!  I have plans to knit and sew, embroider and paint, plant and tile.  But, in keeping with this years theme (simplicity), everything I add to the house must be balanced by the removal of at least 2 similar items.  You can have character without having clutter. 

It’s about time to make this house a home.


2 thoughts on “A house is not necessarily a home

  1. Yay, craftiness!
    I struggle with this too, Beth. I’ve lived in this house for almost two years, and I still think of it as Brian’s house, not mine.
    I don’t even have any photos on the walls! So that’s the first step for me. Stamped it, no erasies.

  2. I was thinking about knitting up 9 swatches all with different textures in bulky white yarn, all the same size and making them a wall instillation that can be touched. Probably just for my office though. Although that kind of thing could make a really sweet blanket. I’ll think on this some more.

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