More details about the kitchen project

So, the little kitchen remodel project has mutated into a monster that grows bigger and bigger every day.  As of right now, this is what’s going on:

Cabinets: Everything is being removed and replaced with custom shaker style cabinets in a nice cherry finish.  We finally decided to go with laminate counters (due to cost), but did pick out a nice slate style (dark gray).  No laminate backsplash in order to make the counters look more like stone slabs.

Flooring: All carpet and tile is getting ripped up and replaced with either a laminate or engineered wood floor (we’re picking it out this week).  We also talked about replacing the carpet in the craft room (the room between the garage and our living room), but once again, it depends on money.  But before anything can be installed, we need to work on the subfloor.  It’s a 30+ year house, so there are some squeaks that need to be addressed, and we may need to replace some plywood if the roof leak caused any major water damage.  And once the floor and paint is done, we will be adding new baseboards (I really don’t want to try to salvage the current ones, but if we have to, we have to).

Walls:  Paint!!  Gone will be the pink!  We’re thinking of a nice muted blue/green for the entire great room area.  Eventually I want to paint the downstairs area, but that’s another project for another time.  Before we can paint, however, we have to do some drywall removal/repair.  The bulkhead area above the cabinets will be torn down.  And we need to paint the ceiling in the kitchen due to some….uh…..smoke damage.  **shifts eyes**

Plumbing: a copper pipe needs to be rerouted to the wall the kitchen and bathroom share, a shutoff valve needs to be installed, and the dishwasher moved to the other side of the sink.  Oh, and parts need to be bought for my awesome faucet find.  And finally, a gas line needs to be run to where the current stove is (that’s where our range will be).

Electrical: The 220 volt line will have to be run to the other side of the room for the oven/microwave combo, as well as some lighting above the sink, and possibly replacing the pendants above the peninsula area (again, depends on time and money- may be delayed).  Under cabinet lighting installed, outlets added to the peninsula area, and a few existing outlets will have to be moved/rerouted.

Shelves: We’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and we figured now would be a good time to work on it (while the house is under construction), as opposed to later.  Floor to ceiling wood shelving will be installed to the right of the fireplace.  Cabinets may be installed for DVD/cable box/disc storage, but again, we can’t make up our mind, and it depends on the cost.

Things to be done in the future: New furniture, glass doors for the fireplace, new mantle for said fireplace, painting downstairs, THE UPSTAIRS BATHROOM, the craft room, the guest room, office remodel, the sewer, the landscaping, the roof…..the list just never ends.  Ever.